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Dark Horse’s HELLBOY joins GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIEN, TERMINATOR, THE PUNISHER and of course, SPIDER-MAN for a romp in the reboot room! Apparently Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 original is now too old for the 18-25 demo, so this time, David Harbour (STRANGER THINGS/SUICIDE SQUAD) takes Ron Perlman’s identity as the son from Hell. The smart-crackin’ Big Red One, with his adoptive Earth dad Ian McShane (JOHN WICK/PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN) and the B.P.R.D., try to stop the return of a pieced-together Blood Queen, Mila Jovovovich (RESIDENT EVIL) who wants to plunge the world into a monster-filled darkness, while Hellboy ponders which side to take. (After this, be sure read special guest reviewer Steve Bissette’s take!)


Screenplay by Andrew Crosby, based on Mike Mignola’s comic-book series/character. Directed by Neil Marshall.





  • Same Hellboy attitude and wisecracks we’ve come to love (just more talky). Lots of monsters, creative battles and even more creatively violent ends. Bonus story connection with King Arthur right out of the gate. Fantastic (disgusting) effects on Baba Yaga and the gore scenes. Nimue shows some cleavage. Some truly awesome-bizarre monster designs. Good makeup on Hellboy. Ian McShane is a funny-lousy dad; Sasha Lane is a good Alice. A new monsterous take on Mexican wrestlers. Some decent music. Two end-credits scenes.


  • Harbour is good but no Perlman (who is?). Too much exposition. Overall, Marshall isn’t as visually weird/cool as del Toro. No Abe Sapien, no Strauss. The gore and gross-outs are over the top–looks like they bought fake blood by the tanker. Some of the giants looked kinda fake. I think Hellboy can’t die without angel dust but it’s not clearly explained.


  • What’s up with Catman? Make sure you close your eyes for the witch-kiss or you’ll be scarred for weeks!



Bru's Reviews - RENT IT RENT IT!

If you liked either or both of the previous Hellboy flicks, you should see this, just to see what you think. No big revelations or deep soul-searching blah-blah, just a ton of dark, demonic and violent fun with some snappy lines. Worth a rental.




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