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THIS WEEK: The not-so-long-awaited sequel to the supermodel “Dumb & Dumber” comedy with Ben Stiller as the (Dumber) title male model and Owen Wilson as his (Dumb) partner/pal Hansel. After nearly 15 years of exile, Zoolander comes out of exile to reconnect with his estranged son and make a splash on the fashion world while saving it.

BRUS-REVIEWS-BUTTONWritten by Justin Theroux & Ben Stiller and Nicholas Stoller and John Hamburg. Directed by Ben Stiller.










  • For anyone wondering what happened in the 15 years since the last one, it opens with a timeline to catch you up to speed. Some of it funny too, with some “big names” thrown in for fun. (There’s an opening chase scene that’s cool too.)
  • Much of the same wackiness from the last one is still here. All kinds of jokes, from bad puns to sight gags to slapstick to clever turns of phrase to digs at the modelling industry and other actors. Will Ferrell, of course, is his wacky self. The fake fragrance commercial was chortle-out-loud hilarious.

Bieber in Zoolander 2

  • Actually some very cool, wild and funny costume design. Especially for Kristen Wiig’s heavy-accented villain Alexanay Atoz, and Will Ferrell’s super-baddie Mugatu.
  • Penélope Cruz is not only still hot, she gives us some nice cleavage shots, a skintight rubber dress that shows off her ass-etts, and an open-shirt bra shot that I’m definitely putting on a loop. (Plus she makes Zoolander grab them to keep afloat when they swim. I wanna be his stand-in!)

zoolander2-boobgrabWillFerrell zoo2

  • Some decent special effects, like putting actors’ heads on different bodies (the best being Ferrell’s on a topless bodybuilder physique as he rips his duds off. Whoa).
  • Benedict “Sherlock Kahn” Cumberbatch as the…uh, what’s that word? Andygenius? (MIKE: “androgynous.’) Oh yeah. The androgynous and eyebrow-less “All”! One of the funniest bits of the film; can’t say the dude takes himself too seriously!

Zoolander 2 - All

  • For anyone into fashion and celebs, there are tons of cameos, some of which (Kardashian, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, etc.) I don’t even remember seeing. Some of the big fashion icons like Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Wintour have speaking parts too. My favorites were Neil deGrasse Tyson (who’s really funny) and Kiefer Sutherland as one of Hansel’s orgy loved ones.
  • Slo-mo slaying of Justin Bieber riddled with bullets. Unless yer a fan, of course.
  • The end scenes/credits were funny. (No button after, tho.)





  • Some of the gags seemed forced or fell flat, which is common with these types of films. Some of the jokes depend on the character(s) being dumb as a bag of raisins, which may contradict some scenes. Some of the pouty expression shots were funny but there were a lot of them.
  • Zoolander will never win Father Of The Year. Or even the hour.
  • Sting was funny, but with a balding forehead and craggy beard, he looks like his own dad.

Jacobim Mugatu

  • Katy Perry showed up but didn’t even give us any of that star-studded cleavage.
  • A spouse getting killed by a giant book? Kind of harsh, ain’t it?
  • Owen Wilson’s orgy-mates are as bizarre and disturbing as they are funny (an old lady, bearded guy, an elf/dwarf, a goat!)…but the love scene almost made me lose my popcorn. (Thankfully it’s short and doesn’t show much!)
  • Just because someone is a famous fashion icon doesn’t mean they can act…or look good on a giant screen.




If you liked the first one, you’ll get more of the same silly fun. If you didn’t, this won’t convert you. So, if you’re bored or are just curious or want to make a drinking game of spot-the-celebrity, or want to freeze-frame Penelope’s Pillows, check it out on demand sometime. I did laugh out loud a few times and got some jollies out of the T & A, and that’s always good!





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