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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (finally)! After 22 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wraps up its 11-year storyline in the conclusion to last year’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Five years after “the vanishing,” the remaining supes (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner/Hulk, War Machine, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Rocket and Nebula–I think), are (kinda) trying to move on with their lives (or nearing death in space) until Ant-Man comes back from the Quantum Realm (seen at the end of ANT-MAN AND THE WASP) with an idea. From there, spoilers abound so that’s all I can say!


Screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. Directed by brothers Anthony & Joe Russo. Based on characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, plus Jim Starlin (and many others).






  • Considering there are more Marvel movies scheduled, even this year, you know some of the heroes come back; also some old faces (and scenes) from previous films. Great cameos to look for: director Joe Russo (credited as “Gozie Agbo”) and Thanos creator Jim Starlin in a support group with Steve Rogers; Stan Lee in a ’68 or ’69 Olds Cutlass (though it’s sadly a stand-in); even Robert Redford shows up. Easter eggs for fans. Girl-power scene. Actually good plot/story, lots of tender, emotional scenes along with the usual humor. Great fight scenes, battles, victories, and a sweet conclusion. [MIKE: As before, many comics artists & writers are thanked in the credits.]




  • Missed opportunities: no end credits scenes at all, no gag playing on the two Captains, no catch-up with certain characters. For families with young ‘uns: several uses of the “A” and “S” words. Some faves stay dead and others die. No explanation of what happened with the Hulk in part one. [MIKE: No “Falcon created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan” credit like there are for others.]



  • Thor’s belly? Fans of a particular Hulk writer will be pleased; others will go green. Vibranium is about as invincible as an aluminum can. Without the power stone, Thanos should not have the same strength. Certain weapons belong with certain heroes. Quantum physics can get confusing. It’s over 3 hours long, so do a web search on the best times to take a whiz (I went when Tokyo showed up).



See It


If you saw the first part (and who hasn’t?), you need to see this (though I recommend re-watching part one if it’s been a while). Big screen is preferred for the spectacle, scale and effects. Better than part one, but not as good as Joss Whedon’s first AVENGERS flick for me. Doesn’t feel like three hours so the pace is good. A lot of fans will be bummed and/or pissed, but as a story, it’s pretty well done without the major hole seen in part one (Quill yelling at Thanos instead of just pulling off the glove). Acting is really good.



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