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I finally got to see the entire Cap flick, including the third act I missed originally—see last week’s review for why, along with all the usual cool pics and rating.

In addition to what I wrote last week, here’s a few added Pros and Cons based on the “third third:”






  • The big main battle between the two sides and all the characters was pretty much all I’d hoped for. Then a sudden change in appearance by one of the characters that came out of nowhere but made sense and was awesome in every way.
  • Some more welcome humor, from the above character, before all the super-serious stuff happens. Same with the Stan cameo which doesn’t show up till the end—hilarious.


  • I was right about the the usual after ­credits button/setup. There’s one after the main titles that sets up the next Avengers film (not DOCTOR STRANGE, the next Marvel Studios film—which is really what I was hoping for) and one after all the credits that sets up a film of one of the guest ­stars—you probably already know but just in case I won’t spoil it, much as it would amuse me to do so.
  • I was also right about the 2D—it was so much better than the 3D! Brighter, richer colors and easier on the peepers. Cheaper, too!

Cap vs. Iron Man

  • Battle­ royal between Iron Man and Cap was great, even if the outcome will be debated forever by fans of each. Good acting bits by both guys before, during and afterwards.

Captain America Falcon on set

  • Major props to the fight choreographers—there are so many fights in this film between so many different characters and yet they all are entertaining and well ­shot, and for the most part fit each character’s style which could not have been easy to do!)





  • The “interesting ­but ­unnecessary subplot involving Bucky “Winter Soldier” turned out to be completely necessary to the plot, and added layers to the buddy/enemy/buddy/enemy status between Cap/Steve Rogers/Chris Evans and Iron Man/Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. (I’m tryin’ to use more slashes than a Guns N’ Roses lookalike contest.) But it was still unnecessary logically and philosophically; just seemed false and forced coincidence, like the writers were sitting around saying, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if—“ and little more. I wish they had kept the Sokovia Accords as the main catalyst.

Anthony Mackie as The Falcon on set

  • (FROM MIKE:) For “Characters created by,” they left out one of the most major names of all! For shame., But at least he’s “thanked” on the credits. Great to see Gene Colan, John Buscema and others thanked as well.
  • The Vision is supposed to be the Spock­logical ­type as portrayed (even more so because he’s “synthetic”) and makes a speech in favor of the Accords regarding excessive damages. Then he becomes a hypocrite during the big fight as he causes as much or more damage than any of the other characters!



See It



Overall rating remains SEE IT. I would love to rewatch three or four scenes again and again, but I don’t know if I’d buy the DVD just for them, as I wouldn’t really care to watch the whole movie multiple times like I would the first Avengers, Guardians or other Cap films. Depends on the extras, I guess.




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