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THIS WEEK: The twisty film version of a popular twisty novel featuring everyone’s favorite future Batman, Ben Afleck, as a dickish hubby accused of killing his missing rich wife (Rosamund Pike).
Written by Gillian Flynn, based on her book; Directed by David Fincher.




  • Right from the opening line, you know you’re in for a creepy treat. “If I could spill your brains out and see what you’re thinking…” Brrrrr!
  • Holy monkey crap, this flick has more curves than the Autobahn, more spoilers than a Lamborghini factory, more curve balls than Sandy Koufax’s career, more twists than a Fats Domino reunion…you get the idea. All I’m gonna say is that some are wild, some are bizarre, some are “WTF? No WAY!”, but all are good and generally make sense. If you see it two or three times under a microscope, you may notice holes, but for my average guy brain, it was all good.


  • Rosamund Pike should be nominated for an Oscar. Not just for a wide and wild emotional performance, but for doing sex scenes with you-know-who. Why don’t I meet chicks like this? Wait a minute…
  • Kim Dickens as the detective and Carrie Coon (make your own racist joke) as the sister were both good. The whole film was well acted. Even Tyler Perry did okay!
    –Absolutely perfect co-ed love pillows! And a nice couple situpon shots. For horny dudes like me.


  • Just when you think things are going one way, you’re jerked in another direction. Even if, like me, you suspected the truth early on and were correct, you hang on edge finding out the how and why. (The “how” is especially fascinating. Think of Columbo times ten.)
  • Some funny lines and setups to break the tension and suspense.


  • If you like Hitchcock, you should enjoy this. Not one explosion, robot, karate fight or monster, but I still liked it.
  • Ben was in his Daredevil “laid back” mode but decent. Played the mix of creepy/jerky well.







  • Don’t see it in a theater with a crazy guy in the audience who laughs really loudly at every other scene and has to be removed from the theater (after an hour-and-a-half of annoying everyone).

  • A couple questions unanswered, especially about the woman’s parents. They kind of were written out toward the end.
  • One behavioral element did seem off. Wondered why one character didn’t go to the cops right away after finding a bunch of stuff. I would have!
  • As said in the intro, the plot isn’t airtight, but as these things go, it’s probably the closest we’ve seen in a long time.
  • A Monty-Python amount of blood and some dude nakendness (which, for a manly man like ol’ Bru, is always too much!)
  • It’s very long, necessary due to the complexity of the plot. So plan your liquid consumption and pee breaks accordingly! If you have a smartphone, there’s an app for that!



See It



No, there’s nothing that really takes advantage of the big screen treatment at all. And frankly, some things don’t belong on a giant screen (no six-foot-wide Afleck or Doogie Hauser butt, thank you); so normally I’d say RENT IT. But I don’t know if those of you who use the Internet regularly (or read the loves-to-spoil rag ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY) will be able to avoid having the plot and ending spoiled by the time this comes to video. So be forewarned! (You’ll still enjoy seeing how it’s all pulled off and comes together, but seeing it without knowing is way better.) Good luck!



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