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THIS WEEK: The movie that allegedly caused an international incident and corporate extortion.

Bru's Reviews LogoIn case you’ve been living under a rock in North Korea, James Franco and Seth Rogen play a TV host and his producer who travel to NK to interview dictator Kim Jung-un and “take him out.”

Written by Dan Sterling with story by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg and Dan Sterling. Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.



The Interview



  • Great, hilarious opening sequence in North Korea–pay attention to the subtitles. Equally enjoyable was the fake “Dave Skylark” TV show, with Franco playing the screwball host.
  • The interview with Eminem and getting ol’ Slim Shady to actually say the stuff he did! I hate his “music” but I gotta give ‘im props for having a sense of humor about himself and being secure enough to go with the gag. (Robe Lowe was good too but the previews showed all the funny parts.)


  • Seth Rogen isn’t the usual “slacker idiot.” Though he gets drunk and (accidentally) does Ecstasy, he plays more the straight “rational” guy to Franco’s moronic stoner. Both, however, are incompetent bunglers, where much of the humor comes from.
  • It’s actually funny. A lot of good dialog. Sure, the middle drags and there’s some “serious” stuff about the country along with some “character building,” but it picks up again for a pretty funny climax and ending. The interview itself packs some suspense as well as laughs. Nice action at the end.
  • The CIA agent (Lizzy Caplan) is doable, as is the Commie hottie (Diana Bang–seriously her name!). We get cleavage from the first and the second in a bra, but that’s it. Some blink-and-you’ll-miss-em topless babes in the party scene too (get that pause button ready).

Demick-The-Interview-1200 the-interview-lizzy-caplan

  • The Kim Jung character (played well by Randall Park) is refreshingly different from what I expected. The introduction and “get-to-know” scene with him and Franco were especially entertaining.


  • One of the most adorable puppies in film this year. Prepare to hear and/or say “awwww.”


  • Some actually nice photography, shots and effects in certain places. Definitely a bigger budget farce. [MIKE: Really well-done graphics in the stereotypical Communist-poster style.]
  • Some favorite dialog scenes were the CIA agent intro and meeting, along with the “night animal” one.





  • If you dig gross-out humor, you’ll love the “death by vomit and diarrhea” scene. But if yer like me and enjoy eating during the flick, turn away. There’s some graphically gory biting scenes during the climax as well, so be prepared.
  • Considering all the F-bombs and blood used (not to mention all the sexually graphic language), there coulda/shoulda been a lot more nudity. We don’t even get to see a flash of the main babes’ butts or boobies! I was personally offended.


  • Of course, it’s all quite absurd, so don’t expect anything realistic or too logical. It’s a goofball comedy with emphasis on “goofball.”
  • Seth Rogen and without a shirt. (That’s the star they choose to show topless??)
  • No button or outtakes at the end. But you know there’s one awesome gag reel somewhere!
  • If yer one of those folks who hate Rogen and Franco’s typical characters, this won’t change yer mind. (Thankfully I ain’t one of them.) Same if yer offended by thick Asian accents and/or the “c” words for men and wimmen’s privates.
  • After all the articles, reports and YouTube videos about the death of Kim Jung scene, it’s anti-climatic. (But still well done to me. The media ruined it.)
  • If you pay attention to all the hype and expect some groundbreaking, history-making comedy and biting political satire, you will be disappointed. Better to ignore everything you’ve read and heard and focus on the original previews for your expectations.



BruRating_RentItRGBRENT IT.

Since this is playing in very few theaters, there’s little chance to actually SEE IT. But even so, there’s not enough “big scenes” fer me to recommend the big screen. I paid six bucks to rent it on cable, which is still cheaper than a matinee fer where I live. I did it to show the terrorists they can’t frighten me. And because there wuz no football on the day I saw it.

If you’re read other (bad) reviews, understand that most critics and reviewers are clueless idiots. Those are the ones who panned this because it didn’t live up to their unrealistic expectation to cause all the flap it has. These are probably the same salad-heads who pan superhero and monster movies because they have too much action and make too much money. Ignore them. This was and is only supposed to be a rude an’ crude comedy with snappy an’ dirty dialog and that’s exactly what it is. Since yer pal Bru prides hisself on bein’ rude an’ crude, it’s on my list as one of the best comedies of the year. Enjoy it.

And tell the North Korean government and whoever hacked Sony to bite me.




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