The anticipated sequel to the comic-book-based hit Kingsman: The Secret Service with Eggsy and Co. teaming up with their American counterpart, Statesman.

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THIS WEEK: The anticipated sequel to the comic-book-based hit Kingsman: The Secret Service with Eggsy and co. losing their HQ and teaming up with their American counterpart, Statesman, to again “save the world” from a rich eccentric megalomaniac (this time Julianne Moore).



Written by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, Based on the comic series The Secret Service by writer Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons. Directed by Vaughn.





Note: spoilers abound in the trailer! 



  • Much of the original cast is back (Taron “Eggsy” Egerton, Mark “Merlin” Strong, Sophie “Roxy” Cookson, Hanna “Swedish Princess” Alström, Eggsy’s mates, etc.) plus a few familiar-but-dead faces show up again (one of which you may have seen in the trailers but I won’t spoil it just in case). In place of Michael Caine is Harry Potter’s Michael Gambon.
  • New-but-famous faces Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Game of Thrones’s Pedro Pascal (no relation to the idiot who draws me) are good as the butt-kickin’ U.S. (via Kentucky) versions of Kingsman, and Moore as baddy “Poppy” the illegal-drug CEO is as weirdly wacko as Sam Jackson’s villainous Valentine in the previous film, though thankfully she doesn’t speak with a silly lisp.

  • The opening scene is one of the wildest I’ve seen in any action film in ages, if not ever! You better not get to your seat late as it’s one of the best parts of the flick. In fact, several of the stunts/situations and fights are crazy over-the-top, unseen in any Bond or Bourne flick. The filmmakers get an “A” for “All-out” in trying to top the last one.
  • The same tasteful, honorable British “gentleman” style and attitude are here again, even though they’re in “redneck country” (and dealing out bloody and bullet-ridden death and destruction). Eggsy’s shows he’s a romantic (and honest beau) at heart, not something you’d ever see from even James Bond.

  • Sir Elton John has quite an appearance as himself, playing the pearly keys along with dropping plenty of F-bombs and a few martial arts kicks! Hilarious stuff.
  • Even more inventive and wild gadgetry than before, from electric lassos to robot attack dogs to retracting bullwhips to baseball grenades (and lots more). Plenty of “booms” and bullets as well as incredible stunt-driving. (Drifting through a roundabout? Get out!)
  • Definitely left open for another sequel, but a clear ending without a cliff-hanger.






  • Too much is given away in the trailers—some stuff they show doesn’t happen right away, and loses some of its impact and shock value because of it. Booooo!!
  • I “get” the reason to “shake things up” for dramatic effect, but killing off some great characters is dumb and unnecessary; especially a too-obvious PC move to replace a (horrors!) white male with a black female when they could’ve easily teamed up instead.

  • Suspension Of Disbelief Dept.: Like the last flick, you’ll have to turn your brain off several times and accept that these “regular” guys can beat the living crap out of each other with anything and come back good as new and hardly bruised; the pseudo-science of nanobots; and that anyone (especially the U.S. gov’t) would and could build thousands of cages for disease victims within a couple days!
  • “WTH?” Errors: The end taxi shot is reversed as the license plate is backward; Eggsy’s mates in England are watching Fox News instead of the BBC.
  • Lazy Writing Dept.: A couple typical “the writers needed someone to do A so B can happen,” when the characters would never behave that way, nor would certain vital things be treated so carelessly; a couple character motivations are pretty flimsy (example: if two people of one type killed a family member, would you want to see millions of everyone of that type dead, regardless of age or social status?); and, the common writer excuse stuff: “If that device can control anything with a microchip, why not use it on the killer robots?” “Because then we wouldn’t be able to have a big fight scene!”

  • Some confusing and editorial stuff regarding drug use and the U.S. President that muddled things up and took out some of the fun. (The first film had someone that could only have been Obama; the prez here has gray hair and a Southern accent, so I don’t know if it’s a swipe at Trump or just U.S. leaders in general. This had to be written and mostly filmed before anyone knew who won.)
  • Channing Tatum spent too much of his screen time talking or sleeping.
  • Sadly, no shots of a sweet Swedish heinie, nor any others (just a quick skinny undies shot). Lots of blood and gore but no boobs that score.
  • No end-credits scenes at all, before, during or after. Missed a good Elton John gag opportunity because of it.



See It


Feels long and not quite as good as the first, but still big-screen worthy (if you enjoyed the first one), even if it’s only for the opening scene, final battles, and taxi-chase scene. If you’re a big fan of the major stars, the gadgets, sets, stunts and/or overall inventiveness, it’s worth it. Otherwise you can wait to rent.




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