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The sixth installment of Tom Cruise’s TV-based MISSION franchise strives for “super” intensity! His Ethan Hunt and teammates Benjy (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames) have to recover stolen plutonium before it’s made into portable nukes. Of course, there’s a twist (or four) involving MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION’S bad guy Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) and female assassin-frenemy Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) along with CIA-babysitter Henry “Superman” Cavill (BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE and fellow spy franchise MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.), that complicates the plan. Throw in along a few other female players and “mister secretary” Hunley (Alec Baldwin), and the team (as well as the audience) get waaaaay more trouble and intrigue than they bargained for.


Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION). Based on the 1960s TV series created by Bruce Geller.






  • Rather than a high amount of relatively small action scenes, there is a high amount of story with some really freakin’ huge action scenes. This is more like a true MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE story (and the old TV show) with more ingenious deceptions, gadgetry and strategies.


  • The opening wedding scene of Tom and (ex-wife) Julia (Michelle Monaghan) does an awesome 180 from lovely to creepy that sets the stage for what’s to come. [MIKE: He’a referring to foreshadowing.] I hope that ain’t anything like foreskinning, ya sicko. [What the hell are—] Shaddup and lemme continue!
  • The music is a great touch. Lorne Balfi makes great use of the classic themes by Lalo Schifrin and it added to the fun and suspense. Same with the classic method of receiving the self-destructing mission message and instructions (still on reel-to-reel tape!).

  • Stunts, stunts and more stunts! Spectacular hand-to-hand and vehicle-to-vehicle battles. This one has at least a few film firsts and/or bests: helicopter chase, bathroom fight scene, building-roof pursuit and on-board helicopter trashing. Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, ear-splitting and hair-standing.
  • I ain’t the movie-art-boy that Pascale is, but even I could tell the camera work/cinematography in this one is even better than the last. You’ll think it a miracle that the camera, the cameraman and Tom even survived filming.
  • As usual, there are double, triple and even quadruple crosses to keep you guessing and gasping..

  • Great seeing Superman get his butt kicked by a much smaller Asian guy. Not to mention a face-full of fuel. He ain’t invulnerable here!
  • The trio’s (Pegg, Rhames and Cruise, no Jeremy Renner) chemistry is still fun, with a few comedic moments and character gags. Complicated chemistry between Ethan, Ilsa and Julia is believable too.
  • At least a couple baddies get what they deserve, one in spectacular fashion.




  • Pay attention when Cruise gets his mission instructions; they’re a bit complicated but you should remember them to help with clarity. Once the twists and double-crosses start, they come pretty quick and it can be hard to keep track of who is doing what to who and why.
  • The first major twist came two-thirds into it but I figured it out an hour earlier, thanks to the stupid trailer. Really obvious.
  • SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF DEPT: “Impossible” applies to pretty much every stunt and action scene, as it tends to be with the MISSIONs. Things like the strongest grappling cable ever known to man, the fastest 50-second mountain climb, world’s safest helicopters, Wolverine/Deadpool healing factors, and such, will ruin the fun if you think about them.

  • Someone cool bites it and makes you wonder if there’s a curse.
  • Unlike the last one, Ferguson’s Ilsa not only doesn’t show any boobage, she’s fully clothed and covered for the whole dang movie! Barely even a tight-pants butt shot. The “White Widow” (Vanessa THE CROWN Kirby, no relation to Jack) is kinda skinny-hot and wears a thin dress, but it’s a short scene and doesn’t come close.
  • No button during or after the credits, normal for this series. But they should have had one after the main titles; missed opportunity for either a set-up for the next installment or a good character gag.



See It


An absolute big-screen blowout! Didn’t bother with 3-D, but if you can afford IMAX or D-BOX, this is a good contender. The stunts and shots are worth the admission alone, and you get a decent plot, story and character development thrown in for free. (Not as much comedy, but not noticeable.) Tom Fooze is still the toughest over-50-year-old screwy Scientologist out there. BUY IT if you like how-they-did-its and behind-the-scenes stuff, but just make sure you see it big and enjoy the Impossible ride!





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