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THIS WEEK: Mike asked you mugs on Facebook to choose between The Muppets and Divergent this week and you chose the puppets. Thanks a lot. Bru's Reviews LogoAnyway, it’s their sixth movie overall and their second since their 21st century return. (Their opening number is actually about its own sequel.) Kermit is mistaken for and replaced by an evil Russian mastermind and it takes most of the group the rest of the film to realize it.

Directed by James Bobin. Written by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller.





  • HILARIOUS Pixar short at the beginning! Monsters University’s first frat party. Didn’t expect it, but then realized Disney owns both properties now (…and will soon own everything).
  • Definitely tighter and better-paced than the previous one. No real lagging moments; pretty much keeps moving forward.


  • Celebrity cameos galore! I promised no spoilers so I won’t give names here because I know some of you maroons prefer to guess who the stars are. (If you don’t care or can’t wait, you can easily view the cast list on imdb’s site.) For you comic geeks, there’s one actor (minor or major) from each of these hero flicks: CAPTAIN AMERICA (two guys), GREEN HORNET, KICK ASS, THOR, and X-MEN FIRST CLASS–plus DOCTOR WHO/BEING HUMAN, HUNGER GAMES and the ALMOST HUMAN TV show. Blink and you’ll miss a couple. Bonus: see if you can figure out who belongs to the sweet singing voice in solitary confinement like I did.


  • IF you dig the musical part of the Muppets (in other woids, if you are not a manly man like me), you should be pleased. There are quite a lot of them and many have clever lyrics, even funny ones. But no rock ‘n’ roll!
  • The kids in the (fairly empty) theater were overall quiet as medicated mice, even the tiny ones. So if you have rug rats, they should enjoy it too.

muppets tinafey

  • Tina Fey (Nadia) is good no matter what she does…even if she doesn’t show any skin. (Blasted Siberian winters!) Thankfully, there’s a busty Hispanic hottie with a skin-tight costume for us real men to enjoy.
  • Ricky Gervais is also always good. Fans of MACHETTE will dig seeing Danny Trejo as a prisoner in a Russian gulag; listen closely when Nadia is saying goodnight to everyone. Fans of mob movies get Ray Liotta.


  • Cute competition between Sam The Eagle’s CIA agent and Ty Burrell’s French Interpol dude. Some funny digs at the European worth ethic/employee benefits. And small cars.

muppets interpolcar

  • Creative use of fireworks at the end main credits. Cute-but-too-quick and derivative button at the end.
  • Miss Piggy doesn’t hog the show. (Like I could resist that one!)







  • I know it’s supposed to be funny that the entire puppet gang (except one) can be completely fooled by a single black dot on Kermit’s face, but come on, it’s kinda insulting, ain’t it? I don’t think they’ve been that dumb in any of their other flicks…How did they ever take Manhattan, let alone get into space?

muppets characters

  • How would Thomas Blood in 1671 know what would foil a security system designed nearly 350 years later? That’s a stretch, even for a Muppets movie.
  • The guy that does Miss Piggy’s voice tries his best but it’s still way different than the original.
  • Frozen Animal snot? Yuck.


  • Dedicated to the memories of recently-lost Jane Henson (ex-wife of founder Jim) and original cast member Jerry Nelson, but finished too early to give dedication to son John Henson who passed away a month ago at an even younger age than his brilliant dad.
  • Only one lame visual gag during the credits? Missed opportunity for outtakes or other stuff.






Don’t know if there’s really enough advantage taken of the big screen to make it a “must see” at the theater. (Unless you have screaming kids that need to get outta the house and keep ’em occupied for a couple hours.) But it’s definitely a must-see for any Muppet fans. (I ain’t one because I’m a straight guy. So yer better off seeing NEED FOR SPEED or 300.)








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