Catwoman: Sexy or Hyper-Sexy?

There’s been a bit of a furor lately regarding the “reboot” of Catwoman. Some have seen just the cover of the first issue and asked if DC is “hyper-sexualizing” its female characters. Despite its rating of “T” for “Teen”, some feel it’s still marketed to kids (and women) and is inappropriate.

Divisive Diversity and Minority Mindlessness

Last month I came across another interesting, thought-provoking topic in a LinkedIn group. Someone posted about “diversity in comic books today,” and wondered why, so far, “…there is not a major superhero of Spanish descent. The only one is Zorro.”

The Punsters’ Grading Guide: Mint

For anyone who’s purchased a back issue of a comic book or seen a price guide, you know that for dealers and collectors, condition is everything. The same book in two different conditions can go for five dollars or five hundred dollars. To make sure everyone is on the same page (pun pardon), a generally-agreed-upon […]

The 9-11 You Never Knew

Last week you no doubt read, saw and heard a great deal about September 11th and its being the tenth anniversary of the horrible terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. You no doubt saw lots of images of death, destruction, horror, sorrow and tragedy. And myriad stories of terror, loss, heroism, bravery and […]

The Comical Comic Industry

For at least a couple decades now, many people in the comic book industry have disliked if not despised the modifier “comic.” Sharing the same origin as “comedy”, it implies comic books are humorous. (In fact, it’s why they earned the prejudiced nickname “funny books.) In fact, time was when I would tell a non-fan […]

Guest Column: Bru-Hed Answers Your Emails!

NOTE FROM MIKE: Too busy to get to the blog this week so I’m having my pal Bru-Hed fill in. Believe it or not, he still gets occasional emails from long-time fans. Until he gets his own site or blog, he can’t answer publicly; figured this would be a great opportunity to do so. See […]

Brain Before Blab #1: Buns and Weiners

This is the first in an off- and ongoing series titled, “Brain Before Blab”™. It’s about folks in the media whose filters between mind and mouth may be missing. We all say some things that we might not have if we’d taken a moment to think about or research them. That’s why God created “Edit” […]

Random Apes, Art, Robot Mice and Rewards!

Three bits for Monday’s musings: 1) I saw RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Recommended. Great setup to the series. (Thought I was gonna say I went “ape”, didn’t ya? Even I’m not that easy.) Some brilliant plot points (especially at the end. No button after the credits, but an important one after the […]

Reading the Future of Comics

There’s an interesting current discussion on LinkedIn titled, “The iPad Could Destroy The Comic-Book Industry.” That rather fearfully hyperbolic title was in reference to an article about digital comics. As loyal readers of this column last week know, DC is going “day and date” with their “52” comics beginning August 31st. That bit of business […]