Special Comic-Con Blog Part Two: “A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Blogs”

Here’s my second report from Comic-Con: San Diego. Since I was unable to post pictures in the first one, this will be mostly pics. Since you’ll no doubt get all the boring “major announcements” and lame “show exclusives” elsewhere, I’ll confine this installment to other things.

Special Comic-Con Report

Special Comic-Con “A Picture’s Worth”: “When Captain America Shows His Mighty Film” (NO spoilers!) Roving reporter Mike Pascale’s first report out of San Diego.  Take it away Mike!

Comic-Con 2011 Preview…And a WARNING!

I’ll open this week of Comic-Con: San Diego 2011 with a lyrical ditty that says it all (sung to the tune of “Save Me, San Francisco” by the band Train): I’ve been high, I’ve been low I’ve been in line since 0-6: 0-0 I’ve been Hasbro and some Lego Won’t you save me, San Diego I’ve […]

What Happens in Licensing in Vegas Has Staying Power

Last month I attended my first annual Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. My goal was to scope it out to see if it would be worth getting a booth for next year.  (I’m promoting my new site, LicenseCharacters.com, as well as seeking opportunities to license artwork. The Expo actually has a special section just for […]

Conundrums and Confoundments: No. 1 of a Series

Hope all my U.S. readers had an enjoyable Independence Day. And I hope all of you, American or not, celebrated by reading an indie comic or watching an indie film! This week I won’t be able to insert pics (will explain next time) so I’m going on a stream of semi-consciousness instead. Hard as it […]

Genial, Gentle, Generous and Just Great Gene Colan

This is one of those posts I knew I was going to write but never wanted to think about. Unless you live under a rock, or you only read my blog and no one else’s (bless you), you know that Gene Colan, one of the greatest storytellers and comic book artists in American history, if […]

“What’s In A Name…Or Is It ‘Nah-MAY?”

One of the few negatives about comics (and indeed, the literary field) is that readers never get a guide to pronunciation for creators’ names. (Same for characters but that’s another column. I’m such a tease.) And of the dozens of books I have on comics and their creators, not a single one has a pronunciation […]

An Assorted Selection of Sapid, Saporous Sciolisms

Okay, in order to keep these things moving, I’m going to freestyle it here and throw several things at you at once. Pick those you like or dislike the most and comment. My ego needs reassuring that someone besides Craig is actually reading these things. (Not even my chained-up wife does! Take pity.)