Friday Favorites – 100 Bullets

Back when I wrote “10 comics that stuck“, someone mentioned in the comments that 100 bullets would make their top 10 list.  In fact, I’ve never heard anything but praise for the series.  Why it took me so long to finally pick it up is beyond me. Well, I finally did and I’m happy to […]

Friday Favorites – The Killing Joke (1988)

Everyone’s “golden age” is the years they grew up in.  Guys that grew up reading comics in the 60’s think that period is the best.  Guys a little younger than me think the greatest stuff came out of Image comics in the early/mid 90’s.  For me it’s the period between 1986-1988.  The Dark Knight Returns, […]

Friday Favorites – The Weird (1987)

The 80’s were the decade of the mini-series.  There were so many!  Good ones…the four issue Claremont and Frank Miller Wolverine, The Punisher by Mike Zeck, The Dark Knight, Watchmen…and of course there were those that didn’t quite live up to expectations…Ice Man, Hercules, Hawk & Dove, Cloak & Dagger…and then there is The Weird. […]

Friday Favorites – Creatures on the Loose #13 (Sept/1971)

My favorite this week just turned 30 years old: Marvel’s CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #13 (Sept/1971). I picked this up as a back issue somewhere (probably an “indoor flea market” at the local mall) as a kid.  What grabbed me immediately was the cover! I devoured all the monster reprint titles of the era (such […]

Friday Favorites – The Sandman #13

Sandman is arguably one of comics’ greatest series.  This is one of its finest issues. In this issue we’re introduced to  Hob Gadling.  It’s 1389 and he’s boasting that he’ll never die.  Morpheus (Sandman) and his kid sister Death overhear these boasts and challenge Hob Gadling that if that’s true, they’ll meet him in this very […]

Friday Favorites – The Boys

The idea behind “The Boys” is simple.  Not all superheroes are gonna be nice guys like Clark Kent.  In fact, with the power they have, it’s pretty likely they’re going to think the rules don’t apply to them.  That’s where “The Boys” come in.  It’s their job to make sure the supers keep their noses […]

Friday Favorites – Swamp Thing #4

Another Friday, another favorite.  This week it’s Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing #4. Swamp Thing #9 was my introduction to Bernie Wrightson.  That issue really didn’t do it for me though.  If I recall it was a story about aliens.  Just not my cup of tea.  It was years later that I went […]