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Punk Sailor Moon (VIDEO)

    A greyscale piece commissioned by a patron. Yay patrons!  I was pretty much just allowed to go for it.  The original idea was “punk” but I veered off course into some combination of street thug/seedy sailor in the back streets of Bangkok. Which is maybe truer to punk than Green Day, so ya know.

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Daredevil & Galactus – VIDEO

This new commission from Richard Cox is turning out so damn good, I couldn’t wait until he was done to share it.  Here’s a quick look at the pencils and inks.  Color is coming! Not sure why it embedded so darn small.  Be sure to click on the “Watch on YouTube” link on the player!

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Batman Pinup Timelapse by Christiano Flexa [VIDEO]

Christiano explains his process… It started with a small study in the sketchbook … forms only, nothing too complex. The second step was to start the sketch, which I normally do with a 0.3 mechanical pencil lead, to have very light strokes. Since I was filming, I thought the traces could be too light to be captured by the camera, so I decided to scribble with a woodless pencil.

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