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I’ll open this week of Comic-Con: San Diego 2011 with a lyrical ditty that says it all (sung to the tune of “Save Me, San Francisco” by the band Train):

I’ve been high, I’ve been low

I’ve been in line since 0-6: 0-0

I’ve been Hasbro and some Lego

Won’t you save me, San Diego

I’ve been Kirk, I’ve been Luke

I’ve been Marvel, DC, Dark Horse too

I’ve got sore feet and lumbago

Won’t you save me, San Diego!

For anyone that’s attended (especially in the last several years), that pretty much sums up the event. So if you’re heading to the show for the first time, just make sure you pack some sun block, comfortable shoes and clothes, and remember to drink plenty of water. (It’s much cheaper if you bring your own and then fill up your empty bottle via drinking fountain.) And if you have to buy food at the show, stay away from the overpriced mystery meat hot dog. Better off with a pizza or (ridiculously) overpriced salad.

Look through the schedule at least a day in advance and pick the panels you absolutely must attend–it’s gotten so insane lately that at any given time there are nine to ten panels going on simultaneously! And sadly, the organizers have no clue nor care as to which panels are going on when, as evidenced by any cursory glance at said schedule. Example? Numerous similar genre panels (Film, TV, comics, Sci-Fi, gaming) all scheduled for similar time slots. Even the Marvel and DC talent searches are being held at the same time!(As if all the new artists trying to break in are really going to be that selective. Work is work! What were they thinking?)

Takeaway: pick your panels well in advance so you’re not stressed trying to make last-minute decisions. Just accept that you’re going to be lucky to attend a third of those you want, and wait till next year to attend the others.

Now before I let you loose upon California’s other city by the bay, there’s something EVERYONE needs to know–as much as you’ll be tempted, do not–I repeat, do NOT–try the following. As much as we want otherwise, we cannot fly! Nor are we invincible. Let my foolish (and tragic) attempt at superheroics serve as a warning to you!

Believe it or not, I don’t drink. So I can’t even blame this on booze. (And no, those aren’t my sandals!)

The initial launch seemed so perfect…

…But perhaps the mattress was too soft to give the proper bounce.

At least I cleared the railing. All seemed good. BUT…

Wouldn’t you know it? I managed to miss the chair AND the pool. Eleven stories up. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Thankfully, my drawing arm landed in the water. So I’m still able to create a commission for you! (Photos by Jim Johnson.)

Well, even though I made a full (?) recovery, I learned my lesson the hard way so you don’t have to. Better that I keep indoors and draw something nice for you. Just ask Craig here.

Meantime, have a blast whatever you do this week! I’ll try to send an update or two while I’m at the show. No extra charge. Just check back in a few days.

Now go get your geek on!










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