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Well, this is a different kind of obituary. Apparently, DC just killed off Catwoman. And from what I hear, brutally at that. As in bullet to the head (quite similar to Blue Beetle earlier this century–are the editors all fans of the Sopranos?)






I had not seen the “event” and I have no reason to now. Why bother? I can see that any time I want on CNN or Fox or any “true crime” show. (And I’ve not cared about the character since they removed her visual sexuality in the misguided bit of hypocrisy to make her look more PC while behaving anything but.)

It’s both flummoxing and sad (and a bit scary) how creators and presumably readers want to dovetail these iconic characters with the depressing “news” on TV, rather than try to rise above adversity and triumph to restore balance and give hope. I kind of thought that was Catwoman’s “thing”–constantly struggling with crime and crime-fighting. Under the right guidance, she was a complex and fascinating character. Heck, even under superficial hands, she was at least a full serving of pulchritudinous [look it up!] “good-girl” art. And in the Silver Age, a great deal of fun.



Now she’s a corpse. And another desperate gimmick to gain a quick burst of sales due to a minor media bump. Until they decide to bring her back to cash in again. And after which the next iconic character will be needed to bite the dust and goose sales. The cycle of cynicism continues.

(Even worse, it looks like the Joker’s responsible somehow. Again. He almost killed Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl thanks to Mr. Happy Alan Moore in the 80s when this whole “grim and gritty” nonsense began with him and Frank Miller. Thanks, guys. You’d think that over 25 years later, the “pros” behind this could come up with some more original source. No idea who’s idea it was but come on, dude, that’s lazy. And I say “dude” because no woman would be this misogynistic or unoriginal.)

I never thought I’d be nostalgic for the tumultuous times when the main controversy with Catwoman was her circle-template breasts and painted-on costume. (Courtesy of my former Kubert-school classmate, the skilled Jim Balent.) Those have now become the “good ol’ days”.


That’s damn sad.

Thankfully, I have shelves full of DC SHOWCASE and Marvel ESSENTIALS trade collections to keep me plenty busy, entertained, and happy. And lots of alternative comics by creators who know how to entertain with intelligence, fun, humor, and joy.

Take care,

Bru-Hed Closeup



P.S.: If you’d like an original art commission of the LIVING Catwoman–or any truly entertaining character, just ask Craig here!

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