It’s been some time since I’ve posted a “Friday Favorites”.  Couple of reasons.

1) I don’t read nearly as many comics as I should.

2) The books I have been reading, while enjoyable haven’t knocked me over.

Enter, Monstress.

Wow.  I’ve not been as excited about a comic in some time.  The first thing that grabs your attention is the absolutely astounding artwork by Sana Takeda.  I can only assume they’ve given her some time to finish numerous issues before soliciting this book because there’s no way that kind of art can be cranked out in a month.  Holy hell.

Monstress is more than pretty art though.  The tale being told by Marjorie Liu is equally engaging.  She’s created a complex world of religions and races, politics and mystery.  What’s best, she’s taking her time and letting the numerous plot lines and mysteries unfold at their own pace.  Information isn’t force fed to you.  She’s showing, not telling.  Characters and their backstories aren’t clumsily dumped on the reader.  Their stories are carefully revealed piece by piece.

A story as deep and exciting as Monstress couldn’t unravel in 22 pages, and so issue #1 is a giant 66 pages (and still only $4.99!), subsequent issues are $3.99.

Worth every penny.

I can’t wait for the next issue!



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