This week’s favorite is from Nick Pitarra…the floor is yours Nick!

One of my favorites of last year.  This comic is just hyper-violent fun.  The kind of stuff you end up in a parent-teacher conference for drawing when you were ten. Chris Burnham really flexes his artistic muscles here and you can see a big jump in his style, line control, level of detail, and risk taking. Chris is working on Batman Inc. with Grant Morrison now over at DC and OFFICER DOWNE was a stepping stone to that gig.

What I love about the comic…

It’s unapologeticy lowbrow. The characters are absolutely insane. Robocop-esque Officer Downe (who can’t die. A team of powerful psychics keep him alive), is hell bent on taking out the scum of the earth.  And by scum, I mean the villains.  The villains are crazy as hell! Insane crackheads? Check. Worlds best ninja assassin? Check. A rich group of asshole animal people? You betcha! Hoards of Villains with swords chopping up people with uber graphic visual violence? Tons of it!

Casey is an awesome writer.  His resume speaks for itself. Burnham is going to be one of comics biggest stars….and this is him on the cutting room floor. Literally.

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