The idea behind “The Boys” is simple.  Not all superheroes are gonna be nice guys like Clark Kent.  In fact, with the power they have, it’s pretty likely they’re going to think the rules don’t apply to them.  That’s where “The Boys” come in.  It’s their job to make sure the supers keep their noses clean.  How do you do that with people who can leap tall buildings in a single bound?  It ain’t pretty.

If you’re familiar with Garth Ennis’ work, I don’t need to tell you “The Boys” is for mature audiences only. Do NOT let the little ones get their hands on this!

I’ve read Mr. Ennis’ Punisher work with Marvel, and his Preacher with DC.  Those books were Garth Ennis Lite.  Dynamite Entertainment has clearly given him the freedom to write whatever he wants, and I have to tell you it’s a sick, twisted, exciting and FUN ride!

The series has been collected into 12 trade paperback volumes.

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