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Today would have been Gene Colan’s 87th birthday.  In celebration, I’m posting some of my all-time favorite Gene Colan images.  

I’m soooo thrilled with this commission Gene did for me. It proudly hangs on my wall and will likely go to my grave with me.

Gene did a memorable run on Batman and Detective comics in the 1980’s, but I don’t think anything he did in those books can hold a candle to this stunning commission he did 20 years later in 2002.

Another character Gene will always be associated with…Dracula! Gene used Jack Palance as a reference when he created his take on the character. That influence is clearly seen here.

Another great example of Gene’s Dracula, again with the Jack Palance drac.

Gene may not have been known as a “cover” guy, his strength was in story telling, but he put out more than a few gems in his career. Case in point: Iron Man #1. One of the most famous covers in Marvel history. This beauty was even commemorated on a US postage stamp!

Another stunning cover by Gene. This was only three issues into his legendary run on the Daredevil title. You think he wanted to announce his arrival?

Gene’s talents were not limited to men in tights either. Check out these beauties…I contend NO ONE working in comics history has ever drawn better children. Gene some how captured childhood innocence like no one else.

Happy Birthday Gene…your boundless talent has guaranteed your immortality.


Send me your favorite Gene Colan images and I’ll gladly add them to this tribute page!


A gorgeous commission submitted by Alex Johnson from his collection.


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