HAPPY LAST KISS VALENTINE’S DAY! February 13, 2013 – Posted in: Blog


Here’s Mike’s first collaboration of 2013 with John Lustig for his always-hilarious LAST KISS comic strip.

The original LK strip art Mike started with…and the “Cupified” version. (Art drawn w/ brush and ink, then scanned and colored/touched up/rendered in Photoshop.)

Mike’s original line gag was:

GUY: You don’t like my Cupid outfit?
GIRL: Cupid? I thought you were a congressman!

John didn’t think the congressman reference was obvious enough–perhaps if there were a recent scandal involving one with diapers, it would’ve worked. (Mike just figured the perversion was obvious enough!) But John flopped the image and came back with a gag that was perfect for the LAST KISS site and theme. What was it? Just go to his site and see! http://www.lastkisscomics.com/2013/02/12/cupid-beware/ He also has the original Silver Age page on display.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the gang at WH…and be careful what you wear!

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