More about Richard’s adventures at this year’s Heroes Con in Charlotte…

Hi all;

Yeah, it always takes me forever to write one of these up. This time I blame con crud, allergies, and work load for the delay. ANYWAY, apologies, and let’s get started!

In short, Heroes was a great time, and I hung out with or met many of you. Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

I arrived early Thursday, as I always do. I  like getting checked in and set up early, so I can hang out Thursday evening, and do my own wandering around thing Friday morning. Dinner was the always awesome Mert’s.  I mention it because it’s the most awesome soul food place ever.

The view behind AA-03, Thursday afternoon
The view behind a screwdriver and a beer, Thursday night

Friday morning was, as expected, kinda hectic. For me, as soon as he sat down, I was in Darwyn Cooke’s line. He wasn’t doing any sketches (no surprises there…), but he DID have an art folio full of pieces he had completed for the con over the past week. The pieces were roughly divided into two types of art, orange ink washes in the style of the first Parker book, and full color watercolors of superheroes, with hand colored “logos”. I picked up this lovely Wonder Woman…

Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman

I then ran around and got on a few other lists for people, including Craig “Daredevil” Rogers [MUCH appreciated! -Craig], and then plopped back down at my table. And was I surprised.  My sketch list filled up by about 2 PM with people paying in advance, and an additional 5 or so on the “wait but probably not gonna get to it” list.  I should emphasise this was my list for the weekend, not just Friday.  Woot!  Yet kinda terrifying and intimidating. I mean, these people have given you their money, based upon what you do as full commissions, on your own time, in your own space. I’m tryign to translate that into something I have to try to do quickly, yet beautifully, with the understanding (hopefully on both ends) that its just not going to be as detailed or posed as a full commission. So by end-of-con Friday I completed:

a pirate Babe
Rogue, Dark Phoenix, Snowbird, Storm, Psylocke, and Elektra sketch cards
Kitty Pryde
Kit Fisto

11×14, warm and cool grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. For some reason I could never ever get a clean photo of this piece. I guess she was phasing on me the whole time. Cheeky mutie. As an aside, Carlos, the owner of this piece, is the most polite person you will ever meet, and a real gentleman.

Saturday the con was packed. I mean packed. I ran around to try to get on more sketchlists, but realized everyone was full for the weekend. Even those who had planned to restart their lists every day.  This resulted in my missing out on Ryan Sook’s list, which was really a bummer for me. But I did wander by Adam Hughes’ table and get a Wonder Woman head sketch from him and the awesome Oz/Emerald City print they had available. It was early Saturday after seeing my progress on sketches thus far that I closed the list before the con even opened. By the end of
Saturday I completed:

Space Girl (Travis Charest) in a themed sketchbook
The Green Knight
Scarlet Witch

Eric Canete mentioned he saw this piece and really liked it, so that was my fanboy geek out moment of probably the past forever, and I’m indebted for that too.
11×14, warm grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. I was pleased with how warm this one looks. And the belly and fade out at the bottom came off exactly as I had hoped, more or less. Believe me, that’s rare.
11×14, warm grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. It’s the Green Knight from the OE poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I think the cloth layers came out kinda spiffy.

By this point exhaustion was setting in. After dinner, I hit the amazing beerfest that is the art auction. I was only able to stay about 1/2 way through, because 2 people who’ve bought my art before caught up with me and started buying me beer. I could see where that was heading, as exhaustion and drunkenness was not going to be a good combination for my wakeup time.


Adam Hughes’ art auction piece, in progress from earlier in the day

Sunday! I had 5 pieces to get through, so chained myself to the table. Sadly, with an hour left in the show, I had completed 4 of the 5, and knew I had to call it at that point.

The final 4 were:

Harley Quinn
a bar Wench

11×14, warm and cool grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. Ah, Harley. This is actually the only Harley I’ve ever drawn. So, you know. Yeah.
11×14, warm and cool grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. The request was specifically for the Jim Lee costume. Happy with this one. All full of contrasty goodness. And I blew it out in like 2 hours, which I found astonishing at the time. Most of these took about 3-4 hours to do, which is a LOT of time given the situation and how much by butt was hurting by Sunday morning.
11×14, warm and cool grey copic markers on smooth bristol board. Not much to say. Barmaid/Bar wench. I’m particularly happy with the hair. Kind of has a real dimensionality to it, you know?
11×14, warm and cool grey copic markers on smooth bristol board.

So I took a deep breath and did my first real walkthrough of the whole con. After being bent over and sitting for hours on end, it felt great.  While wandering I bought several sketchbooks, including:

Junk & Stuff, both by Skottie Young
Open, by Walt Ostlie
Freefall, by Banky Farano
Sketchbook, by Chrissie Zullo
Chocolate, by Eric Canete

Speaking of Canete, I also managed to grab this beautiful small watercolor Sunday afternoon:

Canete Watercolor

Heroes always throws a pizza party for everyone after the con, but I skipped out on it as, honestly, I was ready to get going home.  It was a great con for me, in short.  I made a little money by the end of the weekend, saw fans of my work which is always humbling and cool, and hung out with or chatted with great people I only ever get to see once or twice a year.

Dates for next year’s Heroes Con have already been announced, and as soon as tables are available you can bet that I’ll be signing up again!

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  1. That Spacegirl was not drawn by Charest, he wasn’t even at Heroes so I don’t know who you met, but it wasn’t Travis, maybe you could alter your blog post to reflect that

    1. If you read that post more carefully you’d see that we never said Travis drew it. Richard was giving credit to Travis for Spacegirl being his character.

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