“Last Kiss Halloween: Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Oh My!” October 29, 2012 – Posted in: A Picture's Worth, Blog, Featured Columns

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Yes, it’s that time again! My pal John Lustig, who writes the hilarious retro-romance comic strip LAST KISS, had another lapse of judgment and asked me to contribute some Halloween gags and art. For those unfamiliar, he takes original Silver Age Charlton romance comics art and adds hilarious dialog. The strips are colored (and sometimes retouched) by the brilliant Allen Freeman. For these, I change the b/w and color layers to reflect the holiday.

Here’s the before and after art:




As for the gags, usually I provide some springboards which John takes and tweaks to comic perfection. This time I got lucky and he used my jokes. What were they? Well, just check out John’s site to see everything–including the original, untouched Silver Age artwork and dialog! (Click “previous” to see the earlier ones from last week.)

For those who prefer Facebook, check out John’s Last Kiss page with the gags. Please take a couple seconds and click “Like” or share any of John’s that you enjoy. He puts a lot of time and effort into these and all encouragement is greatly appreciated!

And for those few who can’t get enough of these, here’s where you can see most if not all we’ve done for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays over the years.


Have a great Halloween yourself!


See you next week,


P.S.: Do yourself a TREAT this year and have me create a custom commission for you–retro, horror, or any other genre! Ask Craig here.



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