Marvel Universe Artist’s Proof Walk Step-by-Step December 21, 2011 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , ,

This is a look at the process I went through in creating my recent Galactus AP.

Really, it’s the different stages at which point I send my clients a cell cam shot for approval before I move on to the next stage. So we have:


  • Quickie prelim
  • Finished pencils – When I’m pencilling for myself this stage is
    generally a lot less tight than what you see here. I refine my
    pencils a goodly bit when someone is paying me their hard-earned
  • Initial inks
  • Finished inks – There’s usually just one inking stage, but here he
    wanted some really harsh, ominous lighting, so I went with getting
    approval at two stages. I also did a LOT of hatching in these inks,
    and that gets lost in the final color scan (though not the card
    itself) so it makes me happy to be able to show it
  • Finished trading card



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