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Here’s another update on new stuff. In keeping with Halloween, let’s talk about ZOMBIES!!One of my top ten favorite current strips ANYwhere is the brilliant, irreverent and often milk-out-the-nose funny LAST KISS by semi-genius John Lustig. For those unfamiliar with John’s stuff, he takes old Charlton romance  comic art (by some of the industry’s greats like Dick Giordano and Vince Colletta) and rewrites the dialog with hilarious results. He has a regular online comic strip as well as a monthly comic-book-themed one for Comics Buyer’s Guide. He also sells lots of cool related merchandise (cards, magnets, tote bags, shirts) and is in discussions with a major company to sell some of that merchandise.

This summer we met in San Diego for dinner after the show. Long story short, we ended up eating ice cream sundaes (every kid’s dream, right? Ice cream for dinner!) and on the way back to the convention center, I offered a new twist on his classic strip. I asked if John had considered adding zombies or vampires in his strip for Halloween, given their huge popularity. I told him it would be pretty easy (and fun) to just “zombify” or “vampify” the artwork and then write appropriate captions.

He thought it over and asked me to give him a sample. Well, thanks to him, we eventually ended up doing three strips for this week!

Here are the befores and afters:

What are the captions, you ask? I’ll let John show you those. Click here for the first one and then click the “next” link under the caption.

The third strip will appear Thursday. Please feel free to leave a comment on John’s site–if you like ‘em, I can give you more!

Thanks for looking…And have a safe and happy Halloween! (Watch out for horny zombies, too.) Boo!





P.S.: Want your own “Zombified” artwork? Or any other commission? Just ask Craig here. Ask today!

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