Here’s my second report from Comic-Con: San Diego. Since I was unable to post pictures in the first one, this will be mostly pics. Since you’ll no doubt get all the boring “major announcements” and lame “show exclusives” elsewhere, I’ll confine this installment to other things.
In addition to pics of the previous post like artist/special guest Paul Guinan and the Captain America world premiere, I’m showcasing pics of:
–A cool couple of Sideshow Toys products/prototypes.



–Shots of the cleverly comic (or comically clever?) “CoCoMOCA” gallery showing of “Flaming C” fan art from the Conan O’Brien show. (For those who aren’t on Team CoCo, it’s a sampling of interpretations of the O’Brien and Bruce Timm-designed animated superhero character from the show.)



–A couple awful photos (apologies–blame the camera, not the photographer) from a couple awesome panels:
1) The MAD men panel, featuring the classic magazine’s legendary luminaries like Sergio Aragones, Dick DeBartolo, John Ficarra and Sam Viviano alongside more contemporary comic creatives Peter Kuper and Keith Knight.



2) The Gene Colan Tribute Panel, which featured Marv Wolfman, Roy Thomas, Dean Mullaney, Steve Leialoha, Andrew Farago and Glen Gold. Both panels (like most, it seems!) were hosted by the ubiquitious Mark Evanier.
(I’ll have more on them and other panels in the future, but overall Gene’s was quite nice. No contributions were permitted from the audience “due to time constraints”, other than names of characters whose adventures Gene drew. Sadly, none of the all-white panel mentioned that Gene co-created The Falcon or the world’s-most-popular black superhero, Blade. But there were some nice heartfelt comments, especially from Mark, Marv and Andrew, who masterfully curated the wonderful Gene tribute solo exhibition at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum.)



–A shot of award-winning animation legend and all-around great guy, Bill Plympton, with one of my “kids”, Baby Otter. I was fortunate enough to contribute to Bill’s groundbreaking Guard Dog Global Jam not too long ago (as regular readers here know!) Great guy–and great artist.



–Various rousing if not risque fan-made costumes–a San Diego staple.



–And finally, a shot of fellow Gene Colan fan and Wednesday’s Heroes satisfied customer, Lee Benaka and me. Lee won a contest from earlier this year when he was the first to order a commission from me and received a free four-day Comic-Con pass as my special guest. (Would you like to attend next year for free? Keep reading regularly for your possible chance next year.)



More to come Saturday or Sunday. Meanwhile, it’s time for me to count a few sheep so you can count on me to blog more bits…and create commissions for you! (For more details on that, ask Craig here.)




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