©2017 By Mike Pascale Bernie Wrightson, one of the greatest fantasy artists, comic-book artists, ink artists and creature creators in history (and one of my favorite artists of all time) left the world today to join the ranks of his influences like Frank Frazetta, Graham Ingels and Franklin Booth. More than just a “Master of […]

Top 10 Bernie Wrightson Covers

I’m always soliciting people for their own Top 10 Covers list.  Part of my “sales pitch” is telling them how much fun it is!  No joke, putting these Top 10 lists together is a blast!  This week’s especially so.  Bernie Wrightson has been my favorite artist since I first laid eyes on his work.  Looking […]

Friday Favorites – The Weird (1987)

The 80’s were the decade of the mini-series.  There were so many!  Good ones…the four issue Claremont and Frank Miller Wolverine, The Punisher by Mike Zeck, The Dark Knight, Watchmen…and of course there were those that didn’t quite live up to expectations…Ice Man, Hercules, Hawk & Dove, Cloak & Dagger…and then there is The Weird. […]

“Soul Food For Thought” or “Can Commercial Art Be Fine?”

I recently came across a discussion on LinkedIn titled, “I have no choice as to whether or not I should create. It is essential to my being. The difference between Fine Art and commercial art is whether or not the artists has put their soul into a piece.” Very thought provoking, pithy and powerful. What […]

10 Comics that “stuck”

That’s STUCK, not suck.  🙂 10 Comics that’ll never leave me. This list is based on a facebook posting I read from the great Neil Vokes.  I figured I’d roll it over and my head and give you my own list.  (Neil’s was 15, I’ll keep mine to 10)