Comic-Con 2012: Pre-Wrap Up Tease

All contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Visual content ©2012 their respective owner(s). Finally back from Comic-Con! But after a seven-and-a-half hour drive (not even stopping for a meal—nothing like eating and drinking at 70 miles per hour!) on six hours of sleep and one bottle of 5-Hour Energy, my eyelids are heavier than the average fanboy […]

Comic-Con 2012: So Far, So Fun

  A Picture’s Worth Special Supplement: “Comic-Con 2012: So Far, So Fun.” All contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Visual content ©2012 their respective owner(s).       Hello from San Diego! Just wanted to throw you wonderful readers a few tidbits from Comic-Con this year like I did last year. Wednesday night was Preview Night—which is […]

Comic-Con Commission Common Sense

Hey, it’s that time of year again! The fanboys’/art collectors’ Super Bowl, Oscars, Grammys and World Cup all rolled into one heaping, overpriced, overcrowded, smelly mess. I’m talking, of course, about Comic-Con International in San Diego, taking place from July 24 through the 27th. (Though it will seem like a month long by the time […]

San Diego Comic Con 2009 Report – Where are the Comics?

  I know many people say that the San Diego Comic Con has gotten too big.  I disagree.  To say it is too big is to limit it to what you believe it should (or could!) be. Having said that, continuing to call this show Comic-Con is really a misnomer unless it’s still being used […]