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The Comical Comic Industry

For at least a couple decades now, many people in the comic book industry have disliked if not despised the modifier “comic.” Sharing the same origin as “comedy”, it implies comic books are humorous. (In fact, it’s why they earned the prejudiced nickname “funny books.) In fact, time was when I would tell a non-fan I was going to a “comic convention”, he would ask if was going to meet Robin Williams or Jerry Seinfeld.…

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Life Of A True Creator

Back again! First, I want to say THANK YOU (bold, in all caps, yet!) to everyone who bid on our recent art auction for Japanese Tsunami Relief. It really meant a lot to me (and everyone else) and I hope you all enjoy the art you won. I think winning it for a good cause just makes it that much more desirable and special. Then again, I’m biased because I bid on and won a…

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