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Top 10 Mike Mignola Covers

Best known as the creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola got his start as an inker at Marvel Comics.  Soon he was creating memorable covers for numerous titles (many you’ll see below!) before his first real break-out hit, Cosmic Odyssey from DC Comics in 1988. Here are (in my opinion) his 10 best comic book covers.  As always I’ve included images of the original art when I could.

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Conan the O’Brien?

Note: Sorry for the late posting of Mike’s column this week!  I was stuck on the East coast due to hurricane Irene.  The storm completely missed us, but the back up of air travel was a huge mess! – Craig   Finally saw CONAN THE BARBARIAN. For the record, I am a major fan of the Frank Frazetta version–so much so that I bought as many of the paperback books solely for the covers. (I’ve…

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“What is RIGHT with RIGHTS?” – Part 2

Last time we discussed (well, I answered, you sat and read) queries regarding copyrights and original artwork. Mainly, what rights you the collector of art have when buying a piece of published artwork. (Short answer: pretty much none, other than displaying it for private purposes or when selling. But there’s over 1350 words more that go into detail.

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