Written content and museum photos ©2014 Mike Pascale. Artwork and personal photos © Frank Frazetta and/or their respective owners.   How many artists get to meet their aesthetic heroes? The ones who helped shape their art, inspired their awe, and brought countless hours of joy as well as education to their personal and professional lives? […]

Frank Frazetta: Greater Than – part 2 of 3

Missed part 1?  Read it here. I’ll come right out and say it: Frank Frazetta was and is the greatest artist of the 20th century. That’s right, I wrote “greatest.” Better than Picasso? Dali? Parrish? Rockwell? Ross? Kirby? Boris? Elvgren? Warhol? Maybe, maybe not. I didn’t say “best”, I said, “greatest”. There’s a difference.

Frank Frazetta— Artist, Illustrator, Painter with Fire – part 1 of 3

On May 10, 1508, Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists of his time, began work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Five hundred two years later to the day, Frank Frazetta, one of the greatest artists of his time, joined him on the Other Side. Michelangelo lived to be 89, Frazetta 82. Though the first was famous for his frescoes (and marble statues) and the second for his printed work, both were known for their painted illustrations of wondrous stories with larger-than-life, colorful, well-muscled, emotive figures. One was more critically successful and the other more financially so, but both men contributed significantly to the aesthetic pantheon of their respective times. This article is part of a celebration of Frazetta’s life and work.

“What’s In A Name…Or Is It ‘Nah-MAY?”

One of the few negatives about comics (and indeed, the literary field) is that readers never get a guide to pronunciation for creators’ names. (Same for characters but that’s another column. I’m such a tease.) And of the dozens of books I have on comics and their creators, not a single one has a pronunciation […]

So How Was YOUR Decade?

Well, technically it’s (barely) still January as I write this, so consider it my New Year’s resolution piece. I resolve to do more of these things than I did last year! Or at least if not in quantity, in quality. (I guess I could do a couple a week with just a few sentences, like telling […]