The Absolute 100% Indisputable TRUTH About STAN LEE

Article and above poster photo ©2018 Mike Pascale. All other photos copyright their respective owners. In the wake of Stan Lee’s recent passing, there was a flood of tributes and remembrances from friends and fans and peers. And, sadly, several negative posts and articles from those without any semblance of propriety, respect or shame. (There’s […]

A Brief Tribute To An Even Longer Career: Things You May Not Know or Recall About Joe Simon

This is getting morbid. No sooner did I write about Jerry Robinson’s passing as an “alarming trend of late”, did I learn about the passing of yet another great, Joe Simon (as well as Eduardo Baretto, with whose work I’m sadly unfamiliar. I hope to rectify that next year). Just like Jerry, Joe had a […]

Writers vs. Artists

Among a half-myriad other things  (I’m trying not to hyperbolize unless it’s necessary), I’m a fan of lists. And judging by the massive success of David Letterman’s “Top Ten” lists and all the imitations/off-shoots/spin-offs for the last 20 or 30 years, many others are as well. Therefore, I’ve made up two for this week’s blog. […]

Friday Favorites – Creatures on the Loose #13 (Sept/1971)

My favorite this week just turned 30 years old: Marvel’s CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #13 (Sept/1971). I picked this up as a back issue somewhere (probably an “indoor flea market” at the local mall) as a kid.  What grabbed me immediately was the cover! I devoured all the monster reprint titles of the era (such […]

Special Comic-Con Report

Special Comic-Con “A Picture’s Worth”: “When Captain America Shows His Mighty Film” (NO spoilers!) Roving reporter Mike Pascale’s first report out of San Diego.  Take it away Mike!

Theeing Thor Didn’t Make Me Thore

This is not going to be like your typical movie reviews. First, NO SPOILERS. If you haven’t yet seen the flick, I won’t spoil it for ya. I really hate when reviewers/critics do that. The main purpose of a review is to help a reader decide if the movie is worth seeing, not whether the […]

New Stuff: Part 4 of a Few

Okay! I’ve actually been busy with drawing stuff for a change. (Though I also entered my first official screenplay competition. Nothing to write Hollywood about as it was specifically a one-page screenplay contest, and because of the deadline I only had time to type up an old Polish joke. But it’s a start.) While I […]