BEER ABBY #21: “SOPA, PIPA, Flacco, Ugoh And Other Fun Things To Say”

Hey, you mugs! It’s another Thursday afternoon and I’m after a moon that makes me moan! Any pics of gorgeous glutes from Kim K, Jay-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Eva Longoria, send ‘em my way. But in the meantime, I’m here to answer YOUR email requests of information, enlightenment and advice. Let’s get to it.

Digital Comic Sales–Can’t Buy The Numbers

Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. All pictures copyright their respective owners. I’m neck-deep in storyboards for the next couple weeks, so the next few columns will be short. Appropriate for any discussion of a new year is new formats. Comics are no stranger to this, as there are not only Web comics and Kindle comic editions […]

Beer Abby #20: Playing the Playoffs from New England to San Francisco

Wow, where did the time go? Seems like 2011 was just a couple weeks ago. Oh yeah, it was. Now we only have 49 weeks till the world ends! Even worse, about 45 weeks till the stupid Presidential election. Wouldn’t that suck if you were elected and then the world blew up before you could […]

Beer Abby #19: “It’s 2012 But The World Can’t End Till After Football Season”

Happy week after New Year’s, my babes and brawn! It’s the week after the last holiday of “holiday season”, when everyone is supposed to be back and work and getting crap done–but most are still off physically or mentally, so not much gets done this week either. No problem, as it gives you folks a […]

A Brief Tribute To An Even Longer Career: Things You May Not Know or Recall About Joe Simon

This is getting morbid. No sooner did I write about Jerry Robinson’s passing as an “alarming trend of late”, did I learn about the passing of yet another great, Joe Simon (as well as Eduardo Baretto, with whose work I’m sadly unfamiliar. I hope to rectify that next year). Just like Jerry, Joe had a […]

Painting On Plastic For Decorating A Door…Or Martha Stewart Does Redford Comic Shop!

A few years ago, my pal Andy who owns the Back to The Past Pop Culture Warehouse moved from a rented spot in Livonia to his current building in Redford, Michigan (just north of Detroit). The building had an odd looking “garage” door which was filled with panels. Since this door would be permanently closed […]

Huge Hugo 3D Pros and 1D Cons (and Zero Spoilers)

If you’ve not yet seen Martin Scorsese’s latest visual masterpiece, HUGO, I urge you to check it out–but in 3D. That’s right, Mr. “3D wastes my dough” is recommending paying the extra four bucks to put on the lame plastic glasses that make everything darker. Only because finally, I’ve seen a 3D film that not […]

Thanksgiving with Turkeys from Frank Miller to Wall Street in a BMW with Rosie O’Donnell

Well, happy triptophan turducken day, my little men and women of blog-land! It’s yer pal Bru here wishing you a healthy meal, a happy family, and a hearty heap of hilarity for my fellow Americans and American Injuns. Everyone else, happy friggin’ Thursday! Let’s see if we can make it even happier with answers to […]

Frank Miller, Political Cartoonist

As you no doubt have heard (unless you work for The Huffington Post, which just “broke” a critique yesterday–nice “scoop”!), Frank Miller wrote a rather scathing opinion about the Occupy Wall Street “movement” last week. Among other things, he called the entirety of their members “louts, thieves and rapists”, “iPhone, iPad wielding [sic] spoiled brats” […]