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Heroes Con – part 2

More about Richard’s adventures at this year’s Heroes Con in Charlotte… Hi all; Yeah, it always takes me forever to write one of these up. This time I blame con crud, allergies, and work load for the delay. ANYWAY, apologies, and let’s get started!

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A Year of Thanks

Every morning for the last couple years, I have written down three things for which I’m thankful. I keep a pad and pen next to the bed and write them immediately upon waking, so I begin the day in a grateful mood. They can range from the specific and self-focused (finding a great deal on comics at a garage sale) to the general and altruistic (rain for farmers after a drought), from the physical (a…

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Back From Heroes Con

Okay, I’ve been back from Heroes Con since Sunday night, am mostly unpacked, and still pretty tired. I had a great time, and I’m planning on being back at the show next year, barring the usual unforseen circumstances caveat.

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