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A Novel Approach to Finishing a Novel

All written content ©2013 Mike Pascale. Visual content ©2013 its respective owner(s). Hello! Please excuse the late post…I was out of town celebrating a loved one’s birthday (yes, I still have some priorities outside of comics). This is a bit off the normal path of this column, as it’s not about the “picture” but the thousand words it describes.

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Writing vs Art?

Let’s get right into it… So here’s a question I hear debated all the time: Which is more important in comics, story or art? I can answer that in one word: WRONG! The phrasing isn’t correct. You see, the art is PART of the story. That’s why art in comics is also called “storytelling” and artists are often called “storytellers.” You simply cannot read the story in a comic book (or “graphic novel” if you…

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