Well, happy triptophan turducken day, my little men and women of blog-land! It’s yer pal Bru here wishing you a healthy meal, a happy family, and a hearty heap of hilarity for my fellow Americans and American Injuns. Everyone else, happy friggin’ Thursday!

Let’s see if we can make it even happier with answers to your questions:


Beer Abby:

Did you see PUSS IN BOOTS?

A. Bandaras

Malaga, Spain


Hey, A.:

No, but I did see an ass in socks once. I think it was my landlord.



Deer Bru–

What’s the best way to cook an 18-pound turkey with stuffing?

Rachel Raygun

Culinary, CA


Rachel baby–

Go to a restaurant and have a 180-pound chef to do it for you! (If you think I’m stickin’ my hand up some dead bird’s butt, you’re more nuts than peanut brittle.)



Mr. Bru-Hed:

Why do you always wear boxers in your comics?

Joe Briefs

Hanes, MN



Because my two big boys need room to swing! (An’ I don’t just wear them in my comics; I’m wearing ‘em right now!)



Beer Abby:

Don’t you think the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is nothing but spoiled brats?

Frank M.

Highhorse, ID


I’ll be frank, Frank:

No, but rich, former creative innovators who hack out their art, ruin others’ classic properties, lump thousands of individuals into one prejudiced insult and rant like a crazy old crank are!



Dear Bru-Hed–

I see a ton of ads for BMW, but not one has said what the letters stand for.

Confused car shopper

Bavaria, Germany


Dear Confused–

BMW stands for “Bob Marley and the Whalers”, the band whose music the designers always listen to. Either that, or “Bring Me Women,” which is what most of the a-holes driving those ugly piles are thinking.



Beer Abby:

Screw, Marry, Kill: Ellen DeGeneres, K.D. Lang and Rosie O’Donnell.

Drunk in Dayton



Metallica’s first album title said it best: “Kill ‘em all!” Now go sober up and email me a real question.


Okay, one more:



So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Miles Standoffish

Plymouth, MI



In no particular order, I’d say beer, hot chicks, football, beer, ESPN, beer, snacks, pizza, turkey, beer, online porn, beer and beer commercials. Did I mention beer?



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THANKS again, jive turkey-lovers!











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