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At Comic-Con back in July, there were two different exhibits of art and props from the upcoming Tim Burton FRANKENWEENIE film. One was outdoors, off-site and the other inside one of the exhibit areas on the convention floor. Due to time constraints I was unable to see either, unfortunately.

Thankfully, when I took my wife to Disneyland last weekend for her birthday, I was thrilled to see “The Making Of Frankenweenie” advertised at the Animation Academy building in the adjacent, recently revamped California Adventure park. I don’t know how much or little was part of the Comic-Con exhibits, but I doubt there were much more as this was amazing.

Interestingly, no photography or video recording were permitted in at least one of the Comic-Con displays, but was allowed in Disneyland, as long as no flash was used. Therefore, I’m able to share it with you! Here’s an assortment of cool stuff to check out. (SPOILER WARNING: Some of the figures shown are not shown in the trailer but show up later in the film.) Drawings are by Burton himself.



Another treat was a special “4D” preview of the movie, the added dimension being touch (light blasts of air and water at appropriate moments in the film). There were even a couple of fake movie posters in the lobby which were funny and well done (“Day Of The Turtle” and “Return Of The Vampire Cat”). We’re definitely planning on seeing FRANKENWEENIE when it premiers October 5th.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


What are your thoughts? I’ve never seen the original short, so I’m curious to know what those who have seen it think.


Bru-Hed Closeup



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