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A guy is reading and posting a review of each and every issue of Daredevil.

The Matt Murdock Chronicles

His reviews focus on the writing, but he does comment on the art and artists as well.  He always includes some great scans of panels from every issue.   I decided I’d start at the beginning of his blog and “read along” the entire run of the Daredevil series.

A Gene Colan/Tony DeZuniga stunner from Daredevil #153

What has really struck me is how much Gene Colan REALLY contributed to this series.  Obviously I know Daredevil is one of the titles he’s best known for.  I myself being a Daredevil nut have always enjoyed Gene’s work, but it really wasn’t until I could see an entire run of issues like this blog provides how obvious it was that Gene’s artwork was leaps and bounds above his contemporaries back then.   It really wasn’t until Frank Miller came aboard the book that anyone else came even close to the dynamic storytelling that Gene provided the title.

The more I see Gene’s work the more I love it.  He’s truly one of a kind.

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